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Series: New Testament Eschatology

From time to time, I hear a lot about the early church’s understanding of the “end of the world” or their belief that the “Second Coming of Jesus” would take place within their generation. And it’s usually not in a very good light. “They were obviously mistaken,” is often the remark I hear most. I know it’s hard to imagine but what if we’re mistaken? What if we’ve misunderstood what they meant? I’m hoping that this series on some of the major statements from the New Testament about the “end of the world” will show that they weren’t mistaken in their understanding of the “signs of the times.” Before we begin, however, let’s look at some terms that will have to be used. As most of you know, I try to refrain from using big “church” words. My reason for this is because those words are like suitcases where ideas and thoughts and understandings are packed into them. To explain the words would mean a long time spent unpacking the suitcases and explaining their contents. While such a pil

Sowing Seed

For some time now, my daughter and I have been meeting weekly for Bible study. We live in different cities and use Google Meet for our time together. I’m so thankful for the technology which allows us to have these moments. We’ve been studying the New Testament chapter by chapter. We finished Matthew a few weeks ago and started Mark. What we do is read through the chapter the week before our study time and note anything that “shines” for us (good ol’ Lectio Divina and Spiritual Directions classes). My notes are more in depth as I refer to the cultures and customs of the time, compare different translations, and point out Greek words, their meanings, and how sometimes they don’t line up with the New Living Translation we’re using. By doing this, we get a better view of the scene in a passage and how theological views influence translations of words. Recently we finished Mark 4 . One of the themes that crops up again and again is “seed” (pun intended). In a very familiar story, Jesus ta

Hebrews 10 and Ultimate Redemption: Table of Contents

  Table of Contents Part 1 — Eschatological Framework Part 2 — Status of Old Covenant Age in the New Testament Part 3 — Jesus’ Location as High Priest and its Importance Part 4 — New Testament Warnings Part 5 — Hebrews 10 and Conclusion

Peterson System Pipe Day 2022

Happy Peterson System Pipe Day! Today marks the anniversary of Charles Peterson’s famous System Pipe! It was 124 years ago that Charles Peterson received the final patent of his System Pipe, the “P-Lip” or “Peterson-Lip” mouthpiece. The P-Lip has a graduated bore that runs from roughly 5mm at the tenon and 1.5mm at the P-Lip button, which has a hole at the top of the button instead of a flat, “fish tale” button. Here’s a very brief history of Peterson’s System Pipes from Peterson’s website: In 1890, after 15 years of handling and repairing pipes while working for the Kapp [brothers], Charles Peterson secured a patent in his own name, titled “A certain new and useful improvement in Tobacco-Pipes,” which introduced a unique system comprised of a higher draft hole and a moisture reservoir bored into the shank and transition of a briar pipe. Over the next eight years, Charles continued to refine his System, applying for and securing patents for a graduated bore mouthpiece (1891), and a u